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Damien Week Of Giving

Celebrate our 2nd annual Damien Week of Giving with us! Help us reach our goal of 250 participants by midnight on May 10th.

Freddy Wilkens, Director of Development

Supporters across the USA

Supporters across the World

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Aaron Chai
Adrian Jimenez
Good luck DSR!
Adriana Chavez
Adriana Stivers
Adrienne Ewers
Damien Aquatics
Agustin Family
In honor of William Agustin
Ahmad Darwish
Alberto Corfova
Alex Abbott
Alexis Padilla
Allan Elarmo
Amanda Russell
Ana Gonzales
Damien Band and Mr. M have very positively influenced my Godson!
Ana Sandoval
Andres Gannon
In honor of Chuck Ballingall
Andrew Wong
Angel Tonsay
Angela Gareis
Angela Ramirez
My son love attending Damien High School and loves being part of the regiment!
Antonio Arellano
Ariel Hernandez
Good luck DSR!
Arthur Broadwater
In honor of Chuck Ballingall
Ashley Bretzik
Autumn Bartee
So incredibly amazed at the progress this regiment has made in the last couple years. Keep it up!! Luv, Ex Guard Captain Autumn Bartee
Axel Garcia
I am a part of Damien's debate for the past 3 years and it has helped me use essential critical thinking skills and the ability to make reasoned and well-thought-out arguments.
Axel Garcia
Barbara Ghali
Barry and Liana Gannon
Damien Debate, under Mr. Ballingall was a tremendous influence on Andres and Pablo Gannon. They both went on to debate at college, Andres then coached high school debate in Miami, and Pablo coached in both Korea and China and he coaches college in the US today. Debate and Mr. Ballingall inspired both to pursue graduate degrees in areas directly related to politics, international relations and communications, and instilled them with character and values. Debate opened very many doors for them, and they are still in touch with their debate colleagues. We owe a lot to Damien High School, to Debate in particular, and to Mr. Ballingall, Mr. Clark, Mr. Fiori, Mr. Forsland and Mr. Skarb.
Bill Crawford
Bob Krueger
Great institution! As Fr Peter Dennis would say!!
Bobby and Nina Tamayo
Bonnie Hamilton
Breann Garcia
Brian Berggren
Brian De Ruyter
Brian DeLeon
Great school I am proud to support it. My son is receiving a quality education.
Brian Phelan
Congrats to the 2022 graduating Lacrosse players!
Brianna McCormack
Brigitte Groche
Great school!
Caleb Adams
Carlos Flores
Carol Lu
I wish the bands new heights in 2023
Catherine Agustin
Catherine Agustin
Cecilia Leon
I think it’s a great program for our boys.
Charles Wang
Charlie Fagan
Chris Hansen-Nelson
Chris Salabaj
Chris Salabaj
Chris Salabaj
Christina Roy
Savannah herrera class of 2023 , Goodluck ! We love you !
Christine Flores
Thank you Coach Rob for being the best Water Polo coach! Looking forward to another great season. Congratulations to Coach Damon for leading the Swim Team to their 26th League Championship! Good luck boys at CIF! Go Spartans!
Christoper Coleman
Christopher Garcia
In honor of Brian Fodor
I have so much admiration for Damien. It had such a profound influence on the lives of my friends and I. Thank you to all the teachers, coaches and supporters who continue to make Damien a place of connection and spiritual growth.
Christopher Lock
Christopher Tolcher
In memory of Chuck Ballingall and Ryan Mills
Chuck came to Damien to coach debate when I was a Sophomore. Chuck made my debate experience a fantastic one. Ryan and I were in the same class together, even debated together as Freshmen. We also shared many classes together in our four years there. Ryan was a fantastic person, smart, and fun to be around. May Chuck and Ryan both rest in peace with our Lord! I have many fond memories of both of them. My best to everyone carrying on the tradition of Damien Debate success!
Ciara Murphy
Claudia M
Good Luck to both the Band & Color Guard next year! You have an awesome program Mr. M!
Claudia Medrano
Corinna Herrera
My daughter loves this program. Thank you Damien for letting your sister schools, be apart of your Spartan regiment team.
Corinna Herrera
Cynthia Gabaldon
We must support our YOUNG MEN!!!
Cynthia Lopez
Cynthia Smith
It’s been an amazing school to my nephews Daniel and Nathan Ramirez!
Dan & Kumiko McNair
Daniel & Natalie Tomlinson
Daniel Acosta
Daniel Arriola
Daniel Fabian
Good luck Savannah! Love you!
Daniel Fabian
In honor of Candy Herrera
Daniel Farris
In memory of Tom Carroll
Honoring a man who specialized in developing the good character, toughness and strong work ethic young men need. Thank you coach
Daniel Higareda
Danielle Szczesniak
Danilo San Gabriel
Dante Jackson
David Acosta
David Dougherty
Grateful for the many lessons learned many years ago...
David Fabian
Good luck DSR.
David Gonzales
David Hudson
David Loud
Keep up the great work, Spartans!
DeMarqis Frazier
Demarqis Frazier
Let's get those uniforms!!
Demarqis Frazier
Come on DSR
Denise Smith
Desiree Sanchez
Your Beautiful Savannah, congratulations for making captain…
Diana Daniel
Diana Ramos-Reardon
Diana Ramos-Reardon and Gregory Reardon
Diem Linh Tran
Diem-Linh TRAN
In honor of Mrs. LAN P. TRAN
My son received excellent education and a lifetime friendship and faith and service. Thank you.
Dominique Rangel
Dominique Sanchez
Donald Gardner
Thank you.
Eduardo Meza
Huge shout out and thanks to the The Sports Med program for creating an enriching experience and exposing students to hands on skills. Ms. White we appreciate your dedication and commitment with the students and this program.
Edward Deason
Elizabeth Chavez
Elizabeth Wachtler
Damien Debate is the best!
Elmer Pineda
Eric Daniel
Eric Lombard
Eric Rhee
In honor of Chuck Ballingall
Go Spartans! We miss you Mr. Ballingall.
Ericka Garcia
Erik Gamans
Let's Go Spartans!
Ernest Kojo
Eston Ravey
Evelyne Y Marmolejo
Thank you for extending the debate program to the Catholic Middle Schools!
Go Regiment!! Thank you Mr. M for being a great leader to this hardworking group.
Farooqi Family
In memory of Nadeem U. Farooqi
In honor of our son Nadeem U. Farooqi, for the love he had for debate and his Damien Debate brothers …
Faye Herrera
Faye Herrera
Faye Herrera
Faye Herrera
For savannah
Faye Herrera
Savannah Herrera
Frances DeRuyter
Francis Murphy
Francisco Sandoval
Gabriela Gonzalez
Savannah, you are unstoppable! I am beyond proud of you young lady! The best is yet to come!
Ganesh Acharya
Gareis Family
Gerry Atendido
Gilbert Roldan
Mr. M, keep doing what you do. Go DSR!
Gina Ramallo
I support the swim and debate teams for my nephew Andrew Joseph.
Glendora Therapy
Gonzalez Family
In honor of William Agustin
Govind Acharya
Excellent school all around
Greg Elias
In memory of Edward Elias class of 1963
Greg Maury
Greg Pearring
Greg Rodarte
Thank you!
Hayden Fisher
Heraclio Holguin
In honor of Heraclio B Holguin
Over the years, I am impressed that this particular high school continues to dominate in education, sports and student activities. This represents a full life for any new or graduating student.
Hong Zhou
I really like the teaching environment of Damien High School!
Howard De Ruyter
Great program, my nephew loves it!
Irma Blanco Romano
Isabella Martinez
Somewhere between the athletic musicians we were and the athlete musicians we have become 🎢 After the hours of practice and the selfless time you have dedicated, is a group of students who have fallen in love with the Damien Spartan Regiment & Color Guard - 2021-2022 season Thank you Mr. M For always believing in us and more importantly believing in me… This ones for you πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸŽΆ
Iyengar malini
Proud of you, Rohan
Thank you for all that you do. We appreciate Mr. Lewis and Debate coaches very much.
Jacob Flores
Jacque Stiefel
Keep up the great work!
Jaime Galvan
James Hernandez
In honor of Tom Wettenkamp '79
Damien High School is a very special place. Please donate to keep it vibrate and available for future young man.
James Taylor
Jamie Gamboa
To help support Damien and my Nephew Nathan Ramirez. Class of 2024
Jan Doyle
Janet Reilly
Janet White
Jason Brooks
In memory of Mr. B
Jason Chechitelli
In memory of Coach Carroll & Chuck Ballingall
Jaylene Sandoval
Jeanette and Dave Curci
Jeanina Marquez
Damien has a wonderful music program!
Jeannie Solis
Jeannie Solis
Jeff Flores
Keep up the good work!
Jeff Flores
Go Damien Spartan Regiment! Congratulations on a great season this year. Here's to continued success next year!
Jeff Grant
Jeff Sanchez
Congratulations on Captain mija! We love our Savintia. God bless you baby!
Jeffrey Layman
In honor of Chuck
Jennifer Cox
Jennifer Straite
Jenny Herrera
Jesse Herrera
Congratulations on guard captain Savannah. Love you, Dad
Jim Gaynor
Jim Lynch
Joanne Mills
In memory of Ryan L Mills
Excited to support Damien Debate!
Joe Serianni
Joe Vinci
Joe and Xiomara Velasquez
John Gaynor
In support of Damien's mission: Service to the community
John Hernandez
John McNulty
In honor of Father Peter Dennis SSCC
With gratitude to all those who gave me the greatest gift of learning how to learn.
John Miller
Johnny Shackelford
Joseph Banuelos
Damien is a great school and we love being part of the Damien family!
Joseph Guidera
Joseph Ramallo
Joseph Ramallo
Joseph Solis
Joseph and Xiomara Velasquez
Josephine San Gabriel
Josh Velasquez
In memory of Chuck Ballingall
Joshua Ghali
Josie Quiroz
Josie San Gabriel
Jouvenat Elizabeth
Judy Shackelford
Justin Cajanding
Karen Berns
In support of excellent faith-based education of outstanding young men, like my grandson.
Karyn Roy
Love You Savannah!
Kathy Dunn
Katrina Grabowski
Damien Debate shines!
Kelly Marquez
My awesome nephew
Kisalay Kumar
Kristen Morales
Kyle Dai
L & C Guerrero
Carry on Spartans!
LJ Agustin
Larry Chacon
Damien encourages the best that you can be!
Larry Chacon
Appreciate science program
Larry Pearring
To my Mom & Dad, thank you for your sacrifices so that us Pearring Brothers could attend Damien. Pat '69, Larry '77, Greg '83
Larry Peralta
Laxmi Suthar
Lazaro Family
In honor of William Agustin
Leah Zhang
Li Liao
Lisa Gomez
Lisa Lisa
Damien is educating our future men
Lisa McCormack
Lisa Roa
Damien educated my son. Taught him to be the best man he can be.
Logan Salabaj
Lorena Higareda
Lori Lopez
Lori Patrick
In honor of Spartan Regiment Band
Louis Serianni
Lucy Deng
Luis Agustin
Lumen 21
Malina Loza
Keep up the great work Damien Debate teamπŸ’š
Malou Agustin
Marc Crosby
Maria Agustin
Maria Davila
Mark Daniel
Mark Vallecorsa
Martin De Ruyter
Mary Ann Sharp
Mary DeRuyter
Mary Lewis
debate keeps my brothers out of the house, and they're always happier when they come home- win-win for me
Matt and Joy Dunn
Grateful and thankful for the incredible experiences that Damien High School provides for our son, and so many others. Go Spartans!
Matthew Higareda
Go Spartans!
Maximina Aguirre-Magallanes
Meg Wachtler
Melissa Hale
Grateful for an awesome school!
Melissa Salabaj
Mia; Richard Herrera’s cousin
For Savannah Herrera
Michael Cioffi
Michelle Fisher
Miguel Oceguera
Mike Castillo
Mike Garcia
In memory of Jeff Jones ('89)
Gone too young, the world lost a really good guy.
Mike Silvestro
Minal Mistry
So proud of all your accomplishments!!
Mr. Magallon
Thank you to everyone who donated to the music program! I truly appreciate all of the support and wonderful comments.
Nadia Ornelas
Mr. Magallon has done a phenomenal job with the band and they deserve the money to update uniforms and other prescription.
Nasser Abujudeh
Natalie Kahunahana
I support my grandchildren.
Nathan Staples
In honor of Charles Ballingall
Go Spartans!!
Nathaniel Elarmo
I love this program
Nicholas Sale
Nick Salabaj
In honor of Class of '92 Honors these Spartans With Our Shield or On it! Coach Desi Herrera Mr. Dennis Pipp Mr. Gabriel Purcell Mr. Roberto J. Ramirez Mr. Brian Smith
4 years at Damien were the hardest 4 years of my life, everything after i graduated has been Green and Gold since. Lucky πŸ€ Dad to have a Son that’s become a Spartan, blessed to be a Salabaj and a Spartan… πŸ€Όβ€β™€οΈ 🏈 \|/
Nick Salabaj
Nilam Mody
Nilam Mody
Thank you to DSR and Damien Tennis! Thank you for an amazing 8 year with both my boys!
Nuria Koszut
Keep being awesome β€œDamien Spartan Regiment”!!! GOOO Nathan!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ 🎢
Patricia Romero
Patrick Alix
Patrick Murphy
I support the Debate Team because of the wonderful guidance of Mr. Tim Lewis.
Pedro Yanez
Pete Herrera
Luck Damien Regiment!
Peter DeRuyter
Philip Hammitt
Go Spartans!
Primitivo Tamayo
Ramon Tamayo
Ramona Lombard
Raquel R
DSR ❀️ We Love You!!
Rashid Barley
Raul Dorantes
Raymond Virzi
For the swim/polo challenge
Rebecca Ortiz
Damien has supported my son and uplifted his intellect to enhance his interests and improve and match his skills. This means that Damien is preparing my son to be ready to face the challenges and also embrace future opportunities. Damien is an asset to the future of my son.
Reid Ehrlich
In honor of Justin Skarb
Damien debate taught me the skills I use as a lawyer. It was an invaluable part of my life, and I was lucky enough to learn from the best coach in the country, Justin Skarb.
Reid Ehrlich-Quinn
In honor of Chuck Ballingall
Thinking of Chuck today. Go Damien debate!!
Rich & Nichole Arellano
Richard Farrelll
Pay it forward
Richard Probst
Richard Wang
Rigonan Family
In honor of William Agustin
Robert Rusnak
In honor of Barb Rusnak
Great school
Rocelynne Pueblos and Patrick Alix
Roi Ceren
In honor of Chuck Ballingall
Damien Debate has shaped the lives of dozens of young men who have grown into successful thinkers and conscientious members of society. It cannot be understated the impact this program has had on my own life.
Ronald DeRuyter
Ronald Wachtler
Ronnie Agustin
Rosalyn Elarmo
Roseanne Rother
Grade school and Great Band!
Rossina Yanes
Great Swim and Waterpolo program. Go Spartans!!
Rosy Mills
Rowella Adams
Ruben Serrato
Rudy Davila
Ryan Duchsherer
Pay it forward!
Ryan Hutchison
Samantha Agustin
Samantha Agustin
Samantha Daniel
Samantha Daniel
Samantha Oceguera
Go Spartans!
Samantha Paoletto
Samuel Oceguera
San Gabriel Family
Santiago O'Leary
In memory of all the 1969 graduates.
Sara Martinez
Keep up the excellent work!
Sara Santos
Damien has fostered in my grandchildren the importance of giving to others and helping those in need.
Savannah Herrera
Thank you to the DSR for such an amazing experience so far! Looking forward for next season!
Savannah Herrera
Savannah Herrera
Savannah Herrera
Go DSR!!!
Scot Taylor
Sean Berry
Shady Ghali
Sheri Pugmire
Sicily Sanchez
Love you Savannah! β™₯️
Solis Family
In honor of William Agustin
Stephanie Murphy
Proud of Damien Debate Team!
Stephen Larson
Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis
Steven Prihisztal
Suk Park
Susan DeRuyter
Susan Tiffany
Suzanna Arnone
Tamayo Family
In honor of William Agustin
Team Kassounian
Teresita Tonsay
Terrence Kent
Theresa Flores
Congrats DSR. Keep up the GREAT work!
Thomas Oliveri
Thomas and Arum Cho
Tim Lewis
In honor of Kaden Grabowski
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis
As the Director of Debate, I can't begin to describe how grateful I am to our over 100 donors! Thank you all for making this Week of Giving an incredible success!
Tim Lewis
In honor of Omar Darwish
Tim Lewis
In honor of Will Agustin
Tim Lewis
In honor of Mark Martinez
Tim Lewis
In honor of Roan Murphy
Tim Lewis
In honor of Luke Park and his brothers who will be Damien Debaters in the Fall!
Tim Lewis
In honor of Joseph Hong
Tim Lewis
In honor of Axel Garcia
Tim Lewis
In honor of the Damien Debate Freshman of 2022! AJ Ramallo, Teddy Wachtler, John VanKolken, Noah Ortiz, Josh Li, Sean Kassounian, John Zhao, Edward Deng, Justin Loza, Jack Hannan, Edison Balcazar and the many others who have made this year so excellent!
Tim Wilson
In honor of Fr. Bill Moore and all my lost brothers of the class of "67".
Alumni Proud
Timothy Hong
Toni Arellano
I support Damien because Mr. Magallon has an amazing music program.
Toni Callen
In honor of My 3 sons and grandson
In memory of Rick Callen
A wonderful school
Tony and Kristy Vena
Trevor Chenoweth
In honor of Chuck Ballingall
Participating in debate at Damien coached by Mr. B is one of the principal influences on my life today. Thank you for continuing to support it.
Trey Hyland
Trish White
Troy Lopez
Vanessa Dreyfus
Victoria Sinclair
In honor of Tim Staples
Vincent Pineda
Vinny Ramirez
Good job Nate!
Walt & Marybeth Chenoweth
In honor of Chuck Ballingall
Mr. B was a great mentor and teacher for so many young men at Damien.
Wanda Sanchez
Savannah grandma loves you baby. β™₯️
Wendy Ramallo
Proud supporter of Damien Swim. 26 Consecutive League titles and ready for 27!
William Agustin
Keeping the Tradition Continuing \|/
Willie Abston
Damien High School was one of the best things that ever happened to me!!!
Xiaohui Cai
Young Park
Zoe Mendez
Savannah love you my beautiful baby cousin. β™₯️
Christina Arellano
Natalie Beral
We are so excited to support our son’s new school. Class of 2026!
Pia abbott
Looking forward to see more wonderful development happening at Damien!
Scott trout
In honor of Steve and Glenna Byork
In honor of Lupe Acosta
My son is an incoming freshman. We are looking forward to his years at Damien.
Some of the best memories I have of Damien are of being on the Damien Track at night during a league meet with the bright lights and cheering from the stands! Go Damien!
Great to be a part of the Damien HS family!
Thank you Damien HS!
Looking forward to next wrestling season
Damien Regiment works tirelessly to be the best and it shows with 1st place winnings! Thanks Mr M. for teaching band at Damien. Crossing my fingers for new instruments.
Thank you, Damien!
Go Damien Band!
Thank you DSR! Thank you Mr. M πŸ‘
In memory of Vera M. Wang
Enjoy Mecca.
In honor of Chuck Ballingall
Keep up the great work, Damien HS.
In honor of Stephen Lewis
Good luck Savannah
My son is a sophomore at Damien and is playing La Crosse. I want to support other students to play La Crosse, become involved and enjoy their high school years.

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